Applications are now open for Grades 6-12 in the Full-Time Program.

Applications for grades 4-5 will re-open on Nov. 1, 2021. The lottery drawing will be on Nov. 15. No applications will be accepted for grades K-3 at this time.

Welcome to Texas Tech University K-12 Online Application!

To apply for enrollment into any TTU K-12 program, please fully complete this application. The same application is used for all students, regardless of the program in which the student wishes to enroll. Completing this application does not guarantee admission.

This form collects student demographic information required to establish a student record.
Choose the appropriate program from the drop-down menu on the following page. Some programs will require additional documentation. Uploading documents may be required for birth certificate, Social Security card, Proof of Residency, disability documentation, and unofficial transcripts.

  • If you are withdrawing from your local school district and wish to become a Full-Time Student at TTU K-12, you may apply to:
    • The “Tuition-Free Full-Time Program” (Texas Residents), or
    • The “Tuition-Paid Full-Time Program” (Outside of TX or TX Residents seeking more flexibility).
  • If you will remain enrolled at your local school, you must obtain prior approval from your school counselor before enrolling in any course or CBE. Failure to obtain approval may result in unawarded credit for a course or CBE. With prior approval, students enrolled in another school may enroll in:
    • “Supplemental courses,” and/or
    • “Credit-by-Examinations,” or “CBEs”

You must complete all required fields, as well as supporting documents specified, for your application to be complete. Applications that are incomplete or not submitted will not be reviewed or considered for enrollment.

Note: To ensure proper coverage and student mastery of the course content, courses cannot be completed in less than 30 days.

BEFORE filling out this application, please read the information about each of our programs before making a selection. You can review our Tuition-Free Program page before proceeding.

If you are a PARENT, please go to the Parent Portal and create your account before creating your student's account. If you select the Full-time Tuition-Free program, do not purchase any courses until you have been notified of acceptance into the program.

If you are a STUDENT, please use the Application for New Students below.

If you have already started an application, use the Continue Application below.